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       A stand up paddle board (SUP) yoga class is a great way to switch up your yoga practice. This class is accessible to intermediate and advanced yogis. Your SUPY experience will begin with a brief safety talk and lesson on how to properly paddle while on the board. Next Kalee will lead you to a serene spot on the water where she will assist students in anchoring then instruct a yoga class. This class is a total of 60-75 minutes long (including a brief safety talk/lesson) and is weather-permitting. For more detailed information, including location and equipment requirements/recommendations, 'click here'.


       Kalee completed her stand up paddle board (SUP) yoga teacher training in August 2020 at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. During her training she learned how to monitor weather patterns and chart tides. She also learned about water safety and multiple rescue techniques. In addition, Kalee learned how to safely, and effectively adjust common yoga poses so that they can be done on a SUP board.

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