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Yoga Retreats

Disconnect from everyday distractions and reconnect to your true self.

What to expect on a NWOR Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat, NOT Yoga Bootcamp​​ 

Some yoga retreats include vigorous yoga asana practice, strict health-food options, and an extensive list of group activities. Although this can be a beneficial experience in its own way, New Waves of Relaxation's retreats are a little different.


There will be 1-2 yoga classes per day (morning and/or evening); these yoga classes will reflect the attendees and their complications (if applicable) to ensure a pleasant yoga asana experience. Freshly-sourced healthy foods will be available, but are not required. 


This experience is like a vacation: it's a great opportunity to let go of daily distractions and to do things that bring you joy (without that pesky to-do list hovering overhead). That said, there are only 2 mandatory group gatherings during these retreats: Yoga class and Breakfast.


There will be plenty of time to explore the surrounding area while still having the option to attend additional NWOR offerings* such as meditation circles, hikes, etc. Alternatively, there will be plenty of down time/quiet time if that's the type of vacation you prefer. 

*Additional NWOR offerings are included in the retreat price at no extra charge. Not attending these additional offerings will not result in a discounted retreat price.

Yoga Retreat at Chico Hot Springs (4).png
Yoga Retreat at Chico Hot Springs (5).png

How are Locations Selected?

Each location chosen for Yoga Retreats are places your host has been before. 


It can be frightening going to a place you've never been before with a yoga instructor who has also never been. So many thoughts can come up: what if I get lost? What if the lodging is mediocre? What are good food options (including low-budget)? How do I know this is a safe location? 

Your host, Kalee, selects each location based on personal experience. All of the yoga retreat locations that are offered, Kalee has visited before.* 

On each retreat you will receive a binder with Kalee's recommended restaurants, activities, and nearby resources (gas stations, grocery store, etc.). 

*These locations refer to cities/towns/15-20 mile radius of lodging locations. Kalee has not personally stayed at every lodging location that is offered. 

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