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Balasana | Child's Pose


This is a great pose if you:

  • Are experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression

    • This pose activates the parasympathetic nervous system to activate a sense of calm

  • Are struggling with insomnia

  • Feel bloated

  • Have neck pain

  • Have back pain

  • Have tight inner hips

Avoid/Modify this pose if you have a:

  • Knee Injury

  • Ankle Injury

  • Hip Injury

Props for this pose:

No props are necessary for this pose unless you need to modify. If you are making modifications you'll need:

  • 1-3 Blankets

  • 1 Bolster


Step 1

Begin in a table-top position on hands and knees with toes untucked. Open the knees out toward the outer edges of the mat.

*Modifications for Knees:

There are a few ways to give more support to the knees in this pose. The first is to use a folded blanket underneath the knees as padding.

If the deep bend at the knee causes pain, roll up a second blanket and place it behind the backs of the knees.

Another way to take some sensation out of the knees is to bring the torso higher using a bolster. Place the bolster vertically in front of you to lay the belly, chest and head down onto.

Step 2

Send the sits-bones back toward the heels.

Step 3

With the arms extending forward, palms face down. Lower the heart and forehead (or 1 cheek) down to the floor (or bolster if using).

Hold for 1-7 minutes

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