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Practicing Discipline

Updated: Apr 27

Discipline is an important element when wanting to achieve a specific goal. My grandmother had a sang, "anything worth doing is worth doing well". This holds true to many aspects of our lives including (but not limited to) our yoga practice, hobbies, and diet. We all have to start as beginners when it comes to beginning any of these things for the first time.

In yoga there are many poses that can sound intimidating and unachievable, whether you're a new or experienced yogi. If we truly want to achieve a certain pose, we must start as beginners by strengthening and opening the parts of the body that will be used. This takes time and continuous practice before the body is physically prepared and the mind is confident enough to attempt the pose.

Hobbies are another great example of the importance of discipline. If you wanted to play a song on the piano but you have never played piano (or the song) before, you won't be able to play it flawlessly the first time. It would require constant practice before you can play the song with few-no mistakes. Same goes with any other hobby. If you want to do something well, then the practice of discipline is ideal.

Unless you already have a balanced diet, changing your diet can be challenging. Even cutting one thing out, like sugar, can make this change quite difficult. Cravings set in and it can be easy to give in to them. It takes weeks and sometimes months to effectively change our eating habits. Some studies say that after 10 weeks of eating a specific diet, we will automatically think of the new food options instead craving the old ones we had cut out.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing well", which makes discipline an important aspect of lives. And having the humility to accept this can make the concept of discipline less daunting. How do you incorporate discipline in your life on and off the mat?

Essential Oils to Help with Mental Fatigue

Practicing something too much can lead to mental fatigue. If you need some motivation or a mental boost, try diffusing these oils/blends*:

  • Peppermint

  • Basil

  • Rosemary

  • DōTerra Encouraging Blend

  • DōTerra Invigorating Blend

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